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    Will Drafting 遺囑

    Will Drafting 遺囑
    Will drafting service 遺囑書寫服務

    A valid Will must contains the following items, amongst others:

    1) Testator 立遺囑者
    2) Executor / Executrix 執行人
    3) Beneficiaries 受益人
    4) Two witnesses (not the same beneficiaries) 兩位證人 (不能是同樣是受益人)
    5) Testator's estates 立遺囑者的遺產
    6) Division of testator's estates 遺產的分配 

    lawyer, lawyer, law firm, legal firm 律師;律師樓;律師事務所 : KL; Shah Alam; Setia Alam; Klang; Melaka; Seremban; Johor; Perak; Penang

     Inquiry - Will Drafting 遺囑

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