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    Contract & Agreement Drafting 合同和合約書寫

    Contract & Agreement Drafting 合同和合約書寫
    Contract drafting 合約書寫:
    commercial agreement 商業合約
    sale and purchase agreement (goods) 貨物買賣合同
    sale and purchase agreement (properties) 產業買賣合同
    sale of business 生意買賣
    sale and transfer of company’s shares 公司股份買賣和轉讓
    joint venture agreement 合資合約
    trading agreement 交易合約
    partnership agreement 合伙合同
    shareholders agreement 股東合約
    service agreement 服務合約
    licence agreement 許可合約
    settlement agreement 和解協議
    prenuptial and postnuptial agreements 婚前和婚后協議
    non disclosure agreement 保密協議
    terms of use 使用條款
    merchant agreement 商戶合約

    Legal Knowledge Sharing:

    一份具有法律約束力的合同(legally binding contract) 是需要有以下的元素,缺一不可:
    1)offer 獻意
    2)acceptance 接受
    3)intention to create legal relations 意圖建立合法的關系
    4)consideration 代價
    5)certainty 肯定
    6)capacity 能力
    7)free consent 自原同意

    litigation lawyer, lawyer, law firm, legal firm 打官司律師;律師;律師樓;律師事務所 : KL; Shah Alam; Setia Alam; Klang; Melaka; Seremban; Johor; Perak; Penang

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