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    About Us

    Firm Profile

    Messrs Ng Kam Thai & Co. is a law firm based in Shah Alam.

    Our FOCUS is in Corporate and General Litigation & Dispute Resolution. We also provide services in corporate and commercial review and drafting of legal agreements or documents.



    Advocate & Solicitor / 伍錦泰律師

    External Legal Adviser of multiple companies

    Legal Counsel of Kwong Shiu Ui Koon Association Klang (巴生廣肇會館) - 2021 to 2024

    Set up own law firm in June 2019

    Served as In-house Legal Manager at Hong Leong Bank (Collection / Recovery Division), focusing on default loans and contentious court related cases in 2018

    Legal practice experience working in multiple law firms, particularly Messrs Zul Rafique & Partners as a Legal Associate

    Called to the BAR in December 2009

    Legal Article Writer of Chinese Newspapers (Malaysia)