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    Our Profile
    Messrs Ng Kam Thai & Co. is a law firm based in Shah Alam. Our FOCUS is in Corporate and General Litigation & Dispute Resolution. We also provide services in corporate and commercial review and drafting of legal agreements or documents.
    External Legal Adviser of multiple companies
    Legal Counsel of Kwong Shiu Ui Koon Association Klang
    (巴生廣肇會館) - 2021 to 2024
    Set up own law firm in June 2019
    Served as In-house Legal Manager at Hong Leong Bank
    (Collection / Recovery Division), focusing on default loans and contentious court related cases in 2018
    Legal practice experience working in multiple law firms, particularly Messrs Zul Rafique & Partners as a Legal Associate
    Called to the BAR in December 2009
    Legal Article Writer of Chinese Newspapers (Malaysia)


    遺產處理 Estate

    遺囑 Will Drafting

    勞工糾紛 Labour Dispute

    刑事辯護 Criminal Defence

    債務追討 Debt Recovery

    民事訴訟 Contentious Civil Litigation

    公司法律顧問 Corporate Legal Advisor

    知識產權 Intellectual Property

    商業合同Contract Drafting

    文件翻譯與法律認證 Translation & Legalization

    Deeper Understanding. Better Solutions.